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About Us

Pilates Performance Inc. is open! Covid-19 Vaccines and mask wearing are mandatory. Also, handwashing and social distancing are in place to ensure the safety of our clients and instructor.


Pilates Performance Inc. boutique Pilates studio located in Asheville, NC is a vibrant and welcoming space for discerning individuals to receive premium Pilates instruction and support. The private, fully-equipped studio space offers a customized experience for using the practice of Pilates to increase range of movement and invigorate acts of daily living.


Certified instructor and owner Sandi Weinberg uses classical Pilates as a tool to help any body move through life with more grace and joy.  Sandi's "Roots to Wings" Pilates philosophy differentiates her because of her proprietary feet-first approach to enhance balance, alignment and strength. This approach helps her clients prevent and recover from injury more easily and move freely through an active, vibrant life.


Sandi credits Pilates for giving her own body the foundational strength, flexibility and control needed to begin learning aerial dance in her 50's. Beginning aerial silks instruction is also available in the studio. 


Contact Us

Pilates Performance, Inc.
38 G Rosscraggon Road
Asheville, NC 28803
(561) 818-0404

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