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Sandi Weinberg                        

Pilates Performance Inc.



Fitness As Art

Move Freely through an active, vibrant life.


Asheville, NC A native of North Carolina, Sandi Weinberg, the owner of Pilates Performance Inc. in south Asheville, specializes in helping every body move better. Sandi’s “Roots to Wings” philosophy differentiates her because of her proprietary “feet-first” approach to enhance balance, alignment and strength. This approach helps her clients prevent and recover from injury more easily and move freely through an active, vibrant life. Sandi credits Pilates for giving her own body the foundational strength, flexibility and control needed to begin learning aerial dance in her 50’s. 


Pilates Performance Inc. offers “Pilates for Gardeners” every Saturday at 10 a.m. May 5th through September 29th. Sandi leads a beginner Pilates mat class focusing on neck, shoulders and lower back issues by creating core strength and joint flexibility. The studio is located west of B.B. Barnes, Asheville’s premier gardening center.


Applying movement and alignment principles gained from her years of dance training, performing, and teaching, Sandi creates proper “age defying” posture in her active aging clients. Sandi uses Pilates and aerial dance as a tool to help every body move through life with more grace and joy. Over twenty years of Pilates practice and eleven years as a studio owner, Sandi has amassed a devoted following. Dancer/Choreographer, Gina Bunts, writes, “Sandi is a well spring of knowledge about the body and how to move efficiently.” Local Happiness Coach, Lauren Gabrielle Foster, comments, “After just one session with Sandi, I knew I had landed in the right place.”


  • The only studio in Asheville combining Pilates apparatus and aerial dance classes

  • Private and semi private Pilates and aerial dance classes for teens and adults. 

  • New “half and half” classes, combining 30 minutes of Pilates with 30 minutes of aerial dance conditioning

  • Pilates and aerial dance quickly increases upper body tone, strength and flexibility. 

  • The beauty and fluidity of Pilates and aerial dance makes working out an art form. 


Pilates Performance Inc. opened in Palm Beach Gardens, FL in 2007.  In 2016, Sandi relocated her studio to its present location at 38 G Rosscraggon Road in south Asheville.


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