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Defeet The Feet

Defeat the feet. Life is constantly beating them into the ground one toe at a time. Just another body part to turn on us as we age but perhaps the last one we notice. I have a client whose feet are stuck in the “Barbie” position. Fifty years of living in high heels (love the look, hate the pain) have tormented her feet. Literally, they DON’T bend. If the three points of the foot (heel, ball, toe) don’t articulate, your balance and posture are kaput.

Dancer’s know the aesthetic of the fully arched foot; but, sometimes this “beautiful” foot is weak. Runners buy expensive running shoes to support their feet; but, do they stretch and strengthen them out of the shoe? Probably not. Therabands, Miracle Balls, Magic Circle, and Bosus are a few of the “toys” I use in my Pilates classes to create strong, flexible feet. So, why don’t athletes, dancers, fitness freaks and Publix shoppers designate part of their daily exercise regiment to these wonderful body parts that we must buy shoes to caress? (Nordstrom’s anyone?) Answer: They, as we all do, take them for granted, except when we are buying shoes, which reminds me of one of the many reasons I teach: to buy shoes. Sorry. I have no control over my stream of conscious shopping moments.

Remember: the key to correct posture and perfect balance: DE-FEET.

Please use refer to “The Wizard of Oz” and “Sound of Music” to sing the following verse:

Shoes. Handbags. T-Shirts. Oh my! These are a few of my favorite things. When the dog (your feet) bites. When the bee (bee-hind) stings. When I’m feeling sad (because I haven’t purchased any shoes lately). I simply remember my favorite things (shoes, handbags, t-shirts) and then I don’t feel so bad.

Heels to you!


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