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Drama, Simplicity, Choice

Posted on July 26, 2011 by admin

Drama. Who needs it? Simplicity. Who wants it? Choice. Who gets it? As my dad always said: Life can be easy or hard. You choose. Somethings are out of CONTROL (or out of OUR control). MInimizing the emotions that surround decisions is manageable, though.

Physical fitness should evolve around drama-free simplicity and choice. Luckily, each person has a choice as to which physical program they pursue. Pilates creates calm with simple exercises involving full engagement of your mental faculties. Activating specific muscle groups while breathing provides the body with necessary blood circulation to keep its organs functioning. In flow rational thoughts and out flow irrational (better known as emotional) thoughts.

Successful actors learn that making simple “acting” choices create better drama. Successful Pilates devotees learn that making simple “practice” goals create better bodies;, thus, choosing a Pilates core strengthening program is simple and drama free.

Simply, Sandi

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