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I’m a little hesitant to throw my thoughts and emotions out into cyberspace; so, I shall sing and sometimes dance them. My web guru/photographer/tushy kicker, Amber, assures me that I have a voice. Soprano so I’ve been told. MEMOMEMOMEMO….This bit of vocalization brings me to my initial thought: Why don’t more people sing during Pilates? The whole idea of breathing in to gather enough air to do physical work on the exhale is ideal for singing. In college, my modern dance teacher used to make me sing “Oklahoma” during partnering class to keep me from holding my breath and killing the guy trying to pick me up. Little did he know that I held my breath because I was so scared of him, the teacher, not the partner.

Singing (probably the career path better suited for my talents; but, I had to become a dancer-” Gotta Dance. Gotta Dance”) has always been a part of my life. Growing up in the small town of Hickory, NC, I watched a lot of musicals/beach party movies. Unfortunately, submersing myself in this fantasy world created the unrealistic expectation that an orchestra/band would magically appear to accompany me as I broke into song walking down the street, brushing my teeth, or standing in the deli line at Publix.

Well, of course, this never happened. But, I have an imaginary band appearing every morning at 9 am to guide my Pilates classes. I must admit that I don’t always break out the tunes, especially if I have a new client. I prefer not to scare them the first class. But, nothing makes a straight leg stretch across the center line less painful than a rendition of “Summertime” from the great musical, “Porgy and Bess”. Life has never been as good as hearing a class of 40-70 years olds painfully belting out “…and the living is easy. “

Sharing my “special” take on Pilates and how it has enveloped my life over the past 14 years is my mission. Sometimes I will chat about clients, family, dance, musicals, or my other passion, thanks to my son, the Boston Red Sox. Mainly, I will try and inspire my followers to embrace Pilates for better posture, health, and sanity.

Here’s hoping that your living is easy!


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