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The Hunt For Red Sox October

Wild Card anyone? In the midst of the baseball pennant and wild card races, the Boston Red Sox are hoping to hold their 4 1/2 game lead in the wild card race over the Texas Rangers. The New York Yankees seemingly have an insurmountable lead in the American League East pennant race, so my beloved Sox must go to the post season by besting the Rangers. Surely, you are scratching your head wondering what baseball has to do with either of my blogging subjects, dance or Pilates. Wonder no more. Since my son turned six, our family has revolved around cheering and cursing the Red Sox. From the chants of “maybe next year” to the World Series wins of ’04 and ’07, even my daughter, a self described sports hater, who wrote her college essay about our families obsession, has been afflicted.

My secret desire is to be the personal Pilates instructor to the Sox. I can alleviate their hamstring pulls, back spasms, and quad strains. Running 90 feet from base to base, sitting on the bench, and waiting in the defensive ready position causes the aforementioned bodily injuries to occur. Yes. I can do the job. At my ripe old age, my confidence is reaching heights not seen since my teenage years. Yes. I did know everything back then. But, that was “ignorant” knowing. This is “wise” knowing. Loving the way life has regressed in a positive manner, the Red Sox will claim me off of waivers. Pedroia, Youkilis, Ortiz, Ellsbury, Lowell, Bay, Drew, Martinez. These players need me. Theo, call me.

Go Sox!


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