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"Trust Me"

Posted on June 17, 2011 by admin

Uttering the two words, ‘trust me’ to my clients sometimes seems insincere and slightly arrogant. In a world demanding quick fixes and fast results, Pilates appears to be the horse and buggy of exercise programs. It takes time to feel results and longer to see them. Emphasizing the long term benefits of core strengthening without the immediate body inhibiting soreness of free weights and hard pumping cardio work is important. Applying creative accents to the abdominal series and supplying clients with fancy new workout toys is imperative for maintaining your client base and for increasing the fun quotient.

The improvisational skills applied in choreography translate to the Pilates studio. Unique body types lend themselves to creative variations of traditional exercises. By carefully observing the differences of each client, I can design a program that addresses their posture, strength, flexibility, and control (of the body, not the chocolate craving) issues.

Along the way, Pilates will lengthen and strengthen the body into a beautiful silhouette for those trendy leggings and skinny jeans. ‘Trust me’, I can create a body yearning to shop for new clothes not just shoes. ‘Trust me’, the shoes will fit better too. ‘Trust me’, Cole Haan has lovely boots this season with the Nike Air system included. The longer the leg the more lovely the boot. Pilates enhances the appearance of length, even for those of us (me included) who are vertically challenged. How did I birth a daughter that is five foot eight? ‘Trust me’, I have no idea.

Sincerely Yours,


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